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The webbing sling' advantage compared with chain lifting sling

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Webbing sling and round sling both are popular lifting rigging products,using easily and economical compared with lifting chain sling.

  • Light and soft: The weight is 25% of the same metal sling. The synthetic fiber sling is very easy to handle, handle and store. Does not damage the surface of the hanger (including the paint layer), without any negative damage to the human body.

  • Safe and reliable: in the process of use, there are shock absorption, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-conductivity, no Mars in the flammable and explosive environment. The elongation at rated load is 1.6% and the tensile properties are close to those of the wire rope.

  • The synthetic fiber sling is soft and easy to operate, and the elastic elongation is small, which can reduce the risk of rebound and injury.

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