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The Standard of Degradation and Scarpping of lifting webbing sling

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If the use unit fail to meet the requirements for the safety technical performance of the lifting sling after inspection, it shall be degraded and disposed of according to the specific circumstances. 

Regarding to the webbing lifting sling used for degraded, the original mark of label shall be covered, the rated working load limited and length shall be re-identified, and re-classified and stored on the corresponding tool rack as required. 

The surface of the flat webbing sling should be worn down when it is worn out, but it should be degraded when it is not broken. However, as long as one of the fracture surfaces reaches 1/4 of the bandwidth, it should be scrapped. 

The inner core of the round sling is loaded, the tube can’t bear loading, only protects. When the tube is broken or scratched without injuring the inner core, it is confirmed that the safety performance is not affected after the inspection. Economic considerations of the round sling can be downgraded. 

The webbing sling shall be scrapped in use in any of the following circumstances. 

  • The webbing (including the protective cover) is severely worn, perforated, cut, and torn, and the sling is completely useless.

  • the bearing seam is opened and the seam is broken. The surface of the fiber is rough and easy to peel off. 

  • Due to time and environmental impact, the sling fiber softens, ages, becomes less elastic, and has reduced strength. 

  • The surface of the sling has excessive pitting, corrosion, acid  and alkali burning, and hot melting or charring. 

  • The cordon with red cordon sling is bare.

For the loss of the label of the sling belt and the serious wear of the sling, the rated lifting weight of the sling is difficult to identify and determine, and should be disposed of


For long-term use of unused slings, the static and dynamic tests should be carried out before use to check whether the performance has changed.

Considering the aging factors of polyester materials in the sling belt structure, in the case of normal use environment, rated load and low frequency of use, in addition to daily inspection, static and dynamic load tests shall be carried out once a year. The item can continue to be used if its performance is normal. If the use environment is harsh and the frequency of use is high, in addition to the pre-operation inspection, a static load and dynamic load test shall be carried out half a year to verify the safety. For the test and the inspection is not qualified, the lifting slings should be scrapped.

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