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How to lighten the wear of lifting chain sling ?

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Lifting chain sling is consist of metallic link, the wear of chain seems inevitable in use with the increasing of ages, the degree of wear become more and more severity,so how to reduce the degree of wear ? 

4 point as below:

1. the chain tension should be appropriate, too tight will be easy to increase power consumption, bearings and chains will be easy to wear, too loose will easily jump chain situation. Therefore, it should not be too tight or too loose.

2.Adjust the chain length on the basis of loading cargo's height and weight, avoid over loading.

3.The chain should be properly filled with lubricating oil to improve work efficiency and reduce wear.

4.The new chain cannot be mixed with the old chain to avoid breaking the chain during use. Because the chain links are not synchronized, it is possible to concentrate the load on one chain at the same time, and the chain will breaks since it cannot bear the load.

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