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Heavy duty soft lifting webbing slings

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Heavy duty slings are widely used in ships, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical, port, electric power, electronics, transportation, military and other fields, filling the gaps in the tonnage of ordinary slings. ,the tonnage can be identified by the color of the sling tube if the label was not clear in use.

Notice for selecting polyester sling:

  • When selecting the sling WLL, the size, weight, shape of the hoisted load, and the hoisting method to be used must be included in the consideration, then get the ultimate working load, the working environment and the type of load must be taken seriously as well.

  • It is necessary to select a sling with an appropriate length that satisfies the mode of use. If multiple slings are used simultaneously, the same type of sling must be used. Regardless of the attachment or soft lifting lugs required, careful consideration must be given to the end of the sling and the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.

  • For oversized tonnage slings with soft lifting eyes, the minimum length of the lifting eyes should not be less than 3.5 times the maximum thickness of the hooks in contact with the lifting eyes, and the angle of the lifting eyes should not exceed 20°.

Feature of soft sling:

1. The heavy duty flexible round sling is made of 100% PES, and the inner load-bearing core is protected by a non-polar wrap to form a loop-shaped 100% PES woven into an unstressed casing.

2, Especially suitable for the lifting of circular objects.

3, Lifting the appearance of fine, smooth objects will not cause damage.

4, The lifting method is more and more uniform, so that the sling belt has a longer working life

5. There are many lifting methods, which can also be used to pull the hanging objects.

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