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Heat' effect on working load of chain lifting sling

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Both chain slings and lifting slings are ideal for choosing when extra strength and durability is required. 

Chain slings are more durable, temperature tolerant and cut resistant than polyester lifting slings. while chain lifting sling is considered as a extremely strong and durable tool in harsh environment, excessive heat have a terrible effect on the working load limit,cause its reduction in WLL.

Chain lifting slings used in excess of 400 degrees will experience a reduction in strength, both during exposure time and after exposure. 

                                              Chain sling Temperture                                        Reduction in working Load Limit
                                             -40 degree ~ 200 degree                                                              None
                                              200 degree~ 300 degree                                                               10%
                                              300 degree ~ 400 degree                                                               25%
                                              Over 400 degree                                                          Do not use!!

Kindly note the using temperture!! avoid any risks.

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