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G80 Lifting Chain Sling

Chain and components are made from alloy steel for greater strength,a chain sling assembly generally consists of a master link, a chain leg, and some type of terminating fitting such as a hoist hook. as well tested and tagged with the rated capacity.

Chain slings are ideal for harsh environments,resistant against a load's sharp edges that can be abrading to other softer sling materials.the chain sling has the advantage of being durable, very flexible and its length can be made adjustable. 

Chain sling types: Standard and Adjustable. 

Several different options are available, including number of legs, size of chain, and length of chain. Custom options for various end fittings are available as well.

Standard chain sling

Features one, two, three, or four lengths of chain, each with a master oblong link at the top,and end fittings hooks: foundry hook, grab hook, sling hook or self-locking hook.

Adjustable chain sling.

This enables the operator to shorten the length of the leg as needed. 

How is the lifting chains calculated?

A chain sling's reach is measured length from the load-bearing point on the sling's master link to the load-bearing point on the opposite end when the sling is stretched taut.


End fitting options

Our alloy chain slings are fitted with either a foundry, grab, sling, or self locking hook. Adjustable slings feature an additional length adjusting mechanism. Common end fittings include:

Sling hook: also known as slip sling hooks, these large throat hooks are commonly used at the ends of chain slings and wire rope. They're typically self-locking to avoid disconnect.

Self-locking hook: these hooks are designed to pivot in the middle and lock when lifting pressure is applied. They cannot be opened while lifted with your overhead lifting chains.

Foundry hooks: these are extra-large throat hooks that are used in unique situations that require a larger opening to manage loads.

Grab hook: these chain sling hooks have a small throat that attaches to the chain by slinging over the chain in-between links.

Oblong master link: An oblong shaped ring used at the top of chain slings.

Warm advice for chain sling safety

  • Never exceed working load limit

  • Distribute loads evenly,inequality load on either leg can cause a dangerous situation and damage the sling leg.

  • Avoid Rapid or sudden stop, impacts, and lifts.

  • Do not allow a chain length to be twisted or tied into a knot

  • Do not use slings with damaged, defective, or worn chain

  • Clean chains prior to inspection;oil and dirt can hide chain damage

  • Protect sharp edges and corners accordingly with padding

  • Don't forget to inspect hooks - never use if bent or distorted in any way

  • Load hooks should never be tipped or pointed,a latch should never support a load


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