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Cargo Net

Web cargo net is made of 100% A-A grade high tenacity polyester webbing.

As the lifting nets,it has load bearing strap,which is of different color of the main strap, what the main purpose of it is acting as a high visibility loading area; great use for capturing the cargo in low visibility,and the weave in the net provides super high strength for lifting applications.

Webbing cargo net is used for many applications.Such as Trucks bed, Trailers ,Helicopter,Cars etc., 

Pickup cargo nets are usually used for trucks or jeeps,which is quick and easy to secure your light weight load in the truck bed. 

Heavy duty cargo net are mostly used for trailers,with cambuckles/ratchets and E-track fittings etc.

In the corner of the webbing net,usually it comes with a loop webbing or with some end fittings or tie downs.

Cargo tie down nets usually will be attached with rings,cambuckles,hooks,ratchets etc,protect the cargo safety.


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