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3&4 Legs Lifting Chain Sling - Swivel Selflock Hook - G100

triple and quadruple sling leg -G100
Min. Order:1 PCS
  • WRG10-6

Product Description

Item: 3 & 4 Legs chain lifting sling with Swivel self locking hook.

Length: Customized

Application: Grade 100 Excellent performance in harsh environments for overhead lifting, 25% stronger more than Grade 80.

Description: Chain and components are made from alloy steel for greater strength,complete assembly is tested and tagged with the rated capacity. Steel Grade is made from Grade 100 steel.

Quality Standard: Made and proof load tested. Complying with EN requirements, each assembly bears a permanently affixed tag displaying the rated capacity. Meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standards under EN818-4.

Warm advice for chain sling safety

  • Never exceed working load limit

  • Distribute loads evenly,inequality load on either leg can cause a dangerous situation and damage the sling leg.

  • Avoid Rapid or sudden stop, impacts, and lifts.

  • Do not allow a chain length to be twisted or tied into a knot

  • Do not use slings with damaged, defective, or worn chain

  • Clean chains prior to inspection;oil and dirt can hide chain damage

  • Protect sharp edges and corners accordingly with padding

  • Don't forget to inspect hooks - never use if bent or distorted in any way

  • Load hooks should never be tipped or pointed,a latch should never support a load.


G100 3LEG

4legs swivel hook selflock

swivel sl hook data



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